Abstract: Road crime is most important issue not only for Indian Government but also for common people. Mostly, it is found that road crime happening are more frequent at certain specific locations i.e. black spot. The analysis of these black spot can help in identifying certain road crime factor that make a road crime to occur frequently in
that locations. In this project we apply statistics analysis and Eclat algorithm on the Fatal Crime dataset as an attempt to address this problem. Association rule mining is one of the popular data mining techniques that identify the causes of crime of road crime. In this project, we first applied Eclat algorithm to group the crime locations
into A level, B level, C level crime location. Eclat algorithm takes crime level count as a factor to cluster the locations. Then we will use association rule mining to iden-tify these locations. The rules show different factors associated with road crimes at different locations. For all this we will provide crime data that are issue from Nashik city Commissioner office. Safety driving suggestions will be maked based on crime data, association rules, classification model, and clusters obtained.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.114118

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