Abstract: The issue of transparency and security is very paramount in any organization, therefore the intention to provide a reliable, secured, transparent and decentralized solution is achieved by developing a blockchain-based crowdfunding web application. This crowdfunding application is not just like any other application which just allows people to invest their money, but this platform also gives an assurance to the backers that returns will be guaranteed. This will be a multi-user application with three different types of users: Admin, Backers, and Start-up. Admin can approve start-ups for listing. Start-ups can view the status of approval of their projects and funds raised in real-time. Backers can view the progress of the projects that they are funding as well as the general information about other projects listed on the application.

Keywords: Crowdfunding, Blockchain, Decentralize, Smart Contract, Ethereum.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12332

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