Abstract: Security is a challenge in every secured areas and devices access. IoT devices with modern AI are using in access control modules to permit it verified authority. In this paper we consider user experience from their daily uses of IoT devices. Finger print based access control module handle images from users with seasonal skin issues, pressure of fingers, placement angels of fingers and carelessness of users. Existing IoT devices access control module domains highly concern on better matching of pattern. Though person is verified, some issue arises to access control that generate negative mind to users of IoT devices. Institutions maintains manual register book to support the crux of IoT devices access control failure. We design a repeated partial and adaptive model to overcome the problems of existing models. This approach will help to assure better access control in IoT devices and users experience. IoT and AI industries will be highly beneficiary from this research to assure quality production.

Keywords: AI, IoT, Access Control, Pattern Matching

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.91210

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