Abstract: Currency Converter System Android App is mainly developed for the user to get the live currency status of all the country’s currencies exchange in one app. The main aim of this application is to provide a web-based interface for exchanging money from one currency (say $) to another currency (say Rs). The application is developed to represent dynamic functionality as that of currency converter. This Android app helps the user to know about the currency value update regularly with advanced features and functionality. Major functions and features have been integrated to enhance the performance of the app to give better results for the users. Currency Converter Android App Source Code gives accurate corresponding exchange result value in their user hand by utilizing online information sources. It is used in knowing the currency value of different countries and make available to common people quickly and easily. They can utilize anywhere and at any time. It helps travelers who are travelling across the borders. It can be further developed by including more currency option and by showing currency value table and a graphical representation for delivering exact information to the users

Keywords: Java, Currency Converter Android App Source Code.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10590

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