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Abstract: In fast changing world agile has become successful in software because of its acceptance of changing requirement and fast delivery of the software product. Once an organization decides to adopt an agile development regimen, there is still plenty of difficult research and decision-making to be done for the project architect / manager. There have been many studies and suggestions in improving the software project development process .The aim of this paper is to document the view on introduction of various agile methodologies, current state of agile adoption, reasons, benefits and cautions of adopting agile methodology and its extended practices. The research method follows grounded theory of qualitative research method, in the first phase systematic literature survey of papers has been done. Structured analysis and techniques have been applied to develop well-grounded theories. The basis of this survey will serve as foundation to my research work.

Keywords: Agile Methodologies, Extreme Programming, Lean, DevOps, challenges, research and decision-making, Software Development, Structured analysis and techniques, grounded theory of qualitative research method

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.7716

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