Abstract: Data can be stored on the internet or on the cloud, so that the user (client) can access their data or application anywhere and anytime through the internet connected device. This is called as cloud computing .The main advantage of using the cloud is user can access it's data or services at a very low cost. with the increase in the popularity of cloud based services there is a high risk of Malicious attack on cloud storage and data can also be hacked so it is very important to protect our data from the hackers. So it is essential to protect clients data. One of the finest method to protect the data is cryptography. cryptography is a method in which data is converted into mini English form so the unauthorized user cannot access it. Later it will encrypted and decrypted using the keys. In this paper, we see how cybercrime is becoming a serious threat and steps to overcome it.

Keywords: Cloud computing, cyber security, cyber crime, encryption, decryption, security, cryptography

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125252

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