Abstract: In today's world driven by technology and connectivity, it's important to understand what cybersecurity is and be able to use it effectively. Systems, important files, data and other important virtual things are at risk if there is no security to protect them. need to do it Attackers are keeping up with the development of new technologies in cybersecurity. They use better and improved hacking techniques and target vulnerabilities in many companies.Cybersecurity is critical as military cops, government Department, financial Sectors, Hospitals, and organizations col-lect, practice, and store unprecedented amounts of data on PCs and other devices. A significant portion of this data may be sensitive information, such as financial data, intellectual property, personal information, or various other types of data, and unlawful access.

Keywords: Cloud,Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Ramsomware

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.111145

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