Abstract: Data are presently processed relatively in an systematic way due to the advancement of machine learning procedures. Such plans for information extraction are very often employed in a diversity of contexts, counting trade, social media, wagering, voting, predicting, and more. Healthcare in Body Sensor organize is one of these key areas where displaying and data analysis are exceedingly utilized. The information that is captured and fabricated in this organize is utilized to follow a person's regular exercises, check that the data is exact, determine when a medical emergency is appropriate, and more. There are abundant studies based on such examination; some acted their own methodology while others utilized pri-defined procedures such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Systems and more. In order to analysis the sensor information, several methodologies that have been stated in some preferred research articles are compared in this document. Both the analysis strategies and the study's discoveries are very distinct and have numerous distinctive characteristics. The differentiate study contributes a comprehensible exhibit of these procedures and angle.

Keywords: Healthcare, Body Sensor Network, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Human Activity Recognition. 

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12524

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