Abstract: In recent years, data mining and text mining techniques have been frequently used for analyzing questionnaire and review data. Data mining techniques such as association analysis and cluster analysis are used for marketing analysis, because those can discover relationships and rules hiding in enormous numerical data. On the other hand, text mining techniques such as keywords extraction and opinion extraction are used for questionnaire or review text analysis, because those can support us to investigate consumers’ opinion in text data.
However, data mining tools and text mining tools cannot be used in a single environment. Therefore, a data which has both numerical and text data is not well analyzed because the numerical part and text part cannot be connected for interpretation.
In this paper, a mining framework that can treat both numerical and text data is proposed. We can iterate data shrink and data analysis with both numerical and text analysis tools in the unique framework. Based on experimental results, the proposed system was effectively used to data analysis for review texts.

Keywords: Text mining, data mining, data analysis support, TETDM

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.114207

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