Abstract: Data in the organization creates a large impact on company’s operational and business processes. It will help the organization to be consistent in fulfil the business context requirements, reduce the risk, smooth transactions of business processes, and improve the performance. Currently, the type and size of the data generating everyday requires proper techniques to maintain to integrate and maintain the quality of the data. Due to its importance and vast dimensions, maintaining the data quality is always being a big challenge for the organization. Furthermore, the data quality generates efficient results and state-of-the-art opportunities in different scenarios such as decision making process. Negligence in data collection and integration, inconsistent data quality attributes and poor systematic approach are major drawbacks of data quality. The use of simultaneous strategies between data collection, analysis and for decision making can help to optimize data quality and developing efficient business strategies. This research is focused on data quality assessment to improve the decision making process. Assessing data quality dimensions to improve the business performance and for efficient decision making process is the major concerned in this research. This research integrates five different dimensions including cognitive assessment, in proposed data quality framework. Whereas the implementation of the model on any industry will provide the reasonable understanding of the model to improve the data quality and decision making process.

Keywords: Data Quality, Data Quality Assessment, Decision Making, cognitive assessment

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9814

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