Abstract: The development of cloud computing era with the explosive increase of unstructured records, cloud storage era gets more interest and better development. The cloud provider does not have pointers regarding the statistics and the cloud facts saved and maintained globally everywhere within the cloud. The privateness safety schemes are typically based totally mostly on encryption era. there are many privateness keeping strategies in the facet to prevent facts in cloud. We propose a three factors of storage framework primarily based on fog computing. The proposed framework can each take whole benefit of cloud storage and guard the privacy of data. here we're the use of Hash-Solomon code set of rules is designed to divide statistics into specific components. If the simplest facts aspect missing we lost the information records. on this framework we are using bucket idea based totally algorithms and secure the records data after which it could show the security and performance in our scheme. moreover, based on computational intelligence, this set of regulations can compute the distribution percent stored in cloud, fog, and local system. patron releases their utility on a hosting environment which can be accessed through network from diverse clients via application users.

Keywords: cloud Computing, Pointers, Hash-Solomon, privateness, Encryption, Fog Computing, Computational intelligence

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11634

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