Abstract: The title project is Blood Bank Management System. The Front end used is HTML,CSS with PHP and the back end is SQL Server. In this project there are several modules such as Donor’s site, Receiver’s site, Demand list. These modules are further divided into name, age, gender, blood group ,contact, address are in the donor’s site. These modules gives a way in managing the data efficiently. So, this project helps in efficient management of the data for long time. Also, it consumes less time consumption. The main and important benefit of this proposed system is that it is very much user friendly and accurate .So, the user feel so much comfortable to work with it. Also in all the modules the regularly updated information are very much useful when they are extracted. The main aim of this system is to make the availability of blood easier. This system mainly reduces the work task and it is easy to maintain the records for the long time. The user can check the demand for blood by clicking the demand list. With the help of this system registration can be done very easily. In receiver’s site the person who needs blood can give the necessary details and find their appropriate match. So, the maintenance and management of registration became very easy.

Keywords: Online Blood Bank Management System, Blood donation, Web-Based System.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10324

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