Abstract: Having to deal with sight loss or low vision is merely one of the challenges that the visually impaired are facing when living life. Unsighted persons find themselves vindicated to go out individually. There are millions of blind people in this world who are always in need of helping hands. But coming to the point of Blind people, no matter what advanced technology you give them, they may not operate because they don’t have the ability to see and use the devices. Not only devices, they need to depend on others completely even for small tasks. In order to fulfill the above missing parts of the blind people, we proposed a device embedded with advanced technology which will allow the person to do their own work rather than being dependent on others. In this project, we will be using Raspberry pi which will make smart sticks for blind people, embedded with pi camera modules and ultrasonic sensors. Pi Camera detects and identifies the type of object with the help of deep learning and its representative tools. An ultrasonic sensor is used to detect real-time hurdles while walking on the roads. The proposed system can provide more abundant surrounding information with the help of this Assistive device

Keywords: Raspberry Pi,Pi camera,Ultrasonic sensors.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10543

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