Abstract: In the discipline of pattern recognition, optical character recognition is a critical task. Many academics have researched English character recognition extensively, however, in the case of Indian characters, there has been less investigation. Languages that are difficult to understand, extensive research required. Devanagari is a commonly used Indian script. Individuals from India Devanagari is the foundation for a number of languages. Hindi, Sanskrit, Kashmiri, and Marathi are among the Indian languages and so forth. A review of previous studies is presented in this article. Work on Devanagari character recognition as well as a few uses for an optical character recognition system.

Character recognition is a research problem that has been ongoing for many years. In optical character recognition, a procedure of automatically recognizing the optically scanned character images and digitized character images is to be developed into an electronic text document. Devanagari is an Indian script that is a very popular script among millions of people. There are many Indian languages that are the basis of Devanagari. Those languages are Hindi, Sanskrit, Kashmiri, Marathi, and many more. English character recognition is mostly studied by researchers and a lot of commercial systems are used for it. But for Indian languages, the research work is very limited because of the complex formation of the language.

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PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12402

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