Abstract: Microwave absorber is one of the elements that must have in the anechoic chamber. RF Shielded anechoic chambers are widely used to provide RF isolated test regions to simulate free-space test environment. Microwave absorbing materials and structures have to meet general requirements that can be summarized by the following: (i) it should minimize the reflection of EM waves at the air to absorber interface; (ii) it should have strong absorption of electromagnetic waves; (iii) it is expected to have broad bandwidth and angular response; (iv)it should have low weight and thickness. Based on the above properties of microwave absorber, wide band microwave absorbers are designed and simulated. Conducting polymers were taken as the absorbing materials and pyramidal structure microwave absorber was simulated. The simulation results show wideband frequency absorption.

Keywords: Conducting polymer, absorber, microwave, narrow band.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10220

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