Abstract: In this high-tech era, technology has made it possible that everyone can live a comfortable life. But somehow the blind humans want to depend upon others of their each day lifestyles which in the long run makes them much less assured in an strange environment. However in recent times the explosion of progressive generation provides many possibilities for them to stay expectantly without feeling as a burden. So, on this paper, we recommend a new concept of an shrewd taking walks stick tool that can be used for protection and navigation to manual them to attain their vacation spot region competently without going through any problems. This system is made with the sensor incorporating the networks that can be implemented within a walking stick, which can provide the group communication between them, in which the navigation information and networks can be provided. It performs some functions such as Real time tracking, Real time monitoring of user, Emergency alert to the guardian, ambulance or police, Obstacle Detection, Voice assistant. It consists of Arduino, Global Positioning System (GPS) along with sensors like Ultrasonic and other supportive sensors and an Android-based Application (APP).

Keywords. Intelligent device, Arduino, Ultrasonic Sensor, GPS.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11403

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