Abstract: Now a day, the number of two wheelers in India has drastically increased to a great extent. Due to which automobile users are undergoing numerous road accidents thereby causing death. The first and the foremost precaution to avoid Death is to protect our head, therefore we suggest this smart helmet using IOT. Even though people have helmet they are not using it properly. This system is a special idea which helps to promote the usage of helmet in order to make motorcycle driving safer than before. This system can help to know how safe the ride is or what can be made to make the ride safe. Using a force sensing device the helmet can be detected, with a gas detector consumption of alcohol can be known and many other components like SMTP, vibration detector and speed detectors are used.

Keywords: Force Sensing Device, Gas Detector, SMTP, Vibration Detector and Speed Detectors

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8246

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