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Abstract: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in agriculture is a wide platform which offers solution to many areas in agriculture and rural development. The growing technology in agriculture has led to a marvellous development of application to foster and enhance the information dissemination. In the recent years, mobile is the only gadget to deliver the information in new ways. This paper reveals the idea about the creation of Techno seed app, an android based application. Techno seed app, an application helps the users by giving the information regarding the various enhancement technologies of seed, seed sowing, germination of seedling growth by altering the physiological state of the seed. The Techno seed app helps to improve the germination or seedling growth using the enhancement technologies and the application is very much useful for the seed scientists and farmers.

Keywords: Android application, coating, designer seed, pelleting , priming, seed upgradation, various enhancement technologies.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.7541

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