Abstract: Traditional approaches to the tracking of wild animals provide useful, yet spatially constrained information. Remote sensing offers the prospect for large area characterizations of biodiversity in a systematic, repeatable, and spatially exhaustive manner. Information and monitoring systems for the forest sector are beneficial for effective policies and planning, valuation of forest resources and proficient investments. This project presents a system for monitoring forest and its vicinity based on IoT based wireless sensor network technology. The need to be able to accurately monitor forest cover and quality is crucial to understanding the costs of deforestation. The monitoring of forest and the surrounding area can, however, still is considered an open research problem due to its substantial vast area. Even though sufficient manpower has been deployed, it is inefficient as it could be life-threatening. This project is an attempt to prevent forest mishaps, the intrusion of animals in the surrounding forest areas, illegal activities in the forest by using wireless sensor technology and eliminating manual power to the highest possible extent.

Keywords: Tilt Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Vibration Sensor, Arduino Uno, Wifi Module

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8527

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