Abstract: This paper presents the design and implementation of a smart horticultural crop real time monitoring system using a microcontroller (ATmega 2560 Mega) which can be monitor from any corner of the world by using GSM network and internet. Horticulture fruit are picked at wrong stage of maturity may give poor quality and not stored for longer period. The ripening of a fruit is expressed in terms of change in its physical parameter like colour, softness, textural properties etc. The final stage of fruit ripening is to attend a maturity level of all its physical parameter as an indication for harvesting the fruit and vegetable crop. The sensing parameters in the proposed design are colour, firmness, temperature & humidity. An embedded program is developed based on decision making algorithm which compares the process values of the sensor output with the reference value of fruit maturity for this we have design. The real time testing on guava fruit shows 99.66% accuracy of the proposed system and the collected data from various sensors through the microcontroller board made available using an online IoT analytics tool known as Thingspeak and display sensor data on mobile screen. This develop system model can be used in farms, as a handheld portable unit to check the fruit maturity status without cutting the fruit from tree.

Keywords: IoT, GSM, Maturity indices, ThingSpeak,MIT app inventor

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8818

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