Abstract: This research work involves the design and development of an energy management system to be used in monitoring and control of energy usage in the school hostel. The developed system uses the smart energy measuring module PZEM-004T for capturing the real-time energy consumption in each of the rooms in the school hostel. The system measures these data and then incorporates the data with the internet of things (IoT) for data logging and reporting to a web-based online server using the GSM module. The system will also be able to detect bypass current as a result of illegal meter bypass in each of the rooms. Each of the room’s maximum loads is set at 200watts. Every piece of information captured from the hostel is sent to the server that is continuously being monitored by an Administrative officer, who responds to reports from the system. This developed system is able to reduce the energy wastage in the school hostel, based on the operational function of the system to cut off the power supply to any room in the hostel with a load above 200watts.

Keywords: IoT, GSM module, Energy meter, Wi-Fi module, Multithreading.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11702

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