Abstract: A hexagonal shaped Co-Planar Waveguide (CPW) fed antenna is proposed with Electric Field Coupled Resonator (ELC) structure for LTE application. The antenna consists of hexagonal slot in the patch with meta-material structure at the centre. Using ELC structure, the impedance matching is occurred efficiently. The frequency band covered by this proposed antenna is 2.6GHz with the return loss of -23dB. The total size of the antenna is  . The dielectric constant used for this antenna is FR4 substrate. The optimal VSWR and Radiation pattern characteristics are obtained for this frequency band. The proposed antenna is designed and simulated using High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS).

Keywords: Coplanar Waveguide, Electric Field Coupled Resonator, Impedance Matching, Meta-Material, VSWR

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8533

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