Abstract: Visually challenged people frequently have difficulty with simple daily task like walking and travelling. They always require some help. Most of them use wooden sticks for assistance. However it has its own drawback. With the evolution of technology, Smart devices such as watch, eye wear and other items has made daily like easier. This application discusses about the smart goggle for people who visually impaired. Smart goggle provides support by assisting with object detection. We employ the deep learning algorithm YOLO V3 to identify the type of obstacle which uses the environment’s obstacle as a type of data set where environment obstacle is detected through beep sound. V oice assistance is available so that the user can comprehend the type of difficulty. The purpose of this application to provide the user speech based interface that allows them to transmit through headphones, earphones etc.

Keywords: SmartGoggle, DeepLearning, YOLO V3,wooden stick, object detection.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.124204

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