Abstract: The objective of this project is to generate power continuously from the renewable energy resources. Here the renewable energy resources used in this project are solar power and rain water. Now-a-days using solar energy for the generation of electricity has become very popular. Particularly in the agricultural fields the usage of solar panels for electricity increasing day by day. The flaw in this concept is whenever there is sun, there will be solar energy production. But if there is no sun light i.e., during rainfall sufficient power will not be generated. For overcoming this problem this project is needed. This project is based on the principle of using hybrid mechanism of combining solar power technology with piezo electric power technology In this project, we will have hybrid panel i.e., one side it will have solar panel and other side it will have piezo electric plate. Based on the weather conditions, the plate will be rotated automatically using dc motors. So whenever the day is sunny, solar panel will be faced up and whenever there is rainfall, the piezo electric plate will be faced up. For sensing the sun, we are using an LDR and for detecting the rainfall we are using moisture sensor.

Keywords: hybrid energy harvester, photovoltaics, piezoelectricity, electromagnetism.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10813

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