Abstract: Speech recognition technology is one from the fast growing engineering technologies. It has a number of applications in different areas and provides potential benefits. Nearly 20% people of the world are suffering from various disabilities; many of them are blind or unable to use their hands effectively. The speech recognition systems in those particular cases provide a significant help to them, so that they can share information with people by operating computer through voice input.
This project is designed and developed keeping thatfactorinto mind, and a little effort is made to achieve this aim. Our project is capable to recognize the speech and convert the input audio into text; it also enables a user to perform operations such as “save, open ,exit” a file by providing voice input. It also helps the user to open different system software such as opening notepad, music player, you tube, etc.
At the initial level effort is made to provide help for basic operations discussed above, but the software can further be updated and enhanced in order to cover more operations.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.101015

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