Abstract: The Automatic Parking System (APS) is a globally acknowledged methodology for identifying car licence plates. The number plate of a vehicle can be recognised in real time using APS technologies. Vehicle parking is a crucial part of any transportation system because vehicles are frequently parked at destinations. With an increase in the number of motor vehicles on the road, particularly in developing nations, a vehicle identification system that is effective, economical, and efficient is required. Security guards are utilised for security, parking, and details entrance in most gated communities, restaurants, malls, and other establishments, which is a time-consuming operation that requires keeping track of in the books. This solution was presented to automate the procedure and improve security by ensuring proper detail entry of vehicles. It also shows the parking details of the vehicle with vehicle number search and OTP verification, it shows the applicant parked details as date, in time, out time, and the total charges to be paid by the applicant and we provide a scanner so that they can pay online. The software program was created using an object-oriented analysis and design process, and it uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to recognize and capture the car number plate using the camera. The proposed method reduces the time it takes to register from 30 seconds to 6 seconds, while also improving security and ensuring correct data. We may also find the parking and pay option costs using the time calculation.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.117112

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