Abstract: With the evolution of technology in today’s world, the traffic in the cities have become more complex and complicated than ever before. The conventional traffic regulation methods are not adequate considering the future expansions and other needs. It is of utmost important to address the urban challenges such as traffic regulation, avoiding accidents and other chaos. In this work our aim is to analyze and solve the problems associated with the present urban traffic management to make it much simpler, efficient and at the same time future ready. With the advent of big data, the prediction of the places which are heavily affected due to high traffic, high accidents, chaos and effect of environmental weather changes such as floods, Tsunami, hurricane etc. can be predicted in real time. Hence the proposed approach can provide an efficient and convenient result to the daily commuters thereby providing updated traffic information while reducing regular problems associated with urban traffic.

Keywords: Weather condition, traffic management, natural disasters, Hadoop, HDFS

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.71210

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