Abstract: This paper proposes an unauthorized entry detector using face recognition technology and a feature to send an SOS message alert. The system consists of a camera that captures images of people entering a restricted area and a face recognition algorithm that compares the captured images with a database of authorized individuals. If an unauthorized individual is detected, the system can send an SOS message alert to security personnel or other designated recipients. The proposed system was evaluated through experiments conducted in a controlled environment. The results showed that the system can accurately detect unauthorized individuals and send an SOS message alert with a high degree of accuracy. The proposed system has the potential to enhance security in various settings, such as airports, banks, and government buildings, by providing an immediate response to unauthorized entries. However, it is crucial for organizations to balance the benefits of this technology with the potential privacy and security concerns and take necessary measures to ensure ethical and responsible use.

Keywords: Eigen Face Recognition, Principal Component Analysis.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12813

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