Abstract: Information is very important today,every time we read a piece of information or watch news on TV,we look for reliable source.Nowadays fake news is making various issues from harsh articles to made news and planning government proclamations in specific outlets.Fake news and nonattendance of trust in the media are creating issues with enormous ramifications in our overall public.Obviously,a deliberately deceptive story is "fake news" yet recently babbling online media talk is changing its definition[1].Some of them currently utilize the term to excuse the realities counter to their favored perspectives.In this today’s era we try to get an information or news from the internet and from the social media handles or YouTube,but Information quality in social media is an increasingly important issue.There are so many fake news or tampered video news spread all over the internet and social media.A large portion of the fake news identification frameworks use the semantic element of the news. Nonetheless,they experience issues in detecting profoundly equivocal fraudulent news which can be recognized solely after distinguishing its importance and most recent related data. Therefore,identifying whether the news in text as well as in video format is fake or real has become an important aspect.So,we intended to solve this problem by using different techniques and algorithms.We will be proposing a system where it will be very easy to identify whether the given NEWS on Social Media is Real or Fake,this NEWS can be in Text form[2].

Keywords: Fake,Real,Social Media,News,Algorithms,Machine Learning

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10484

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