Abstract: Firewalls are most important and critical devices which provides securities against all vulnerabilities. Firewall handles all the traffic in and out of the network. We think firewall is secure but it’s not many vulnerabilities compromise the firewalls. Hackers / intruders exploit the firewall (host based) using malicious scripts and access the server / applications. In this project, we analyse firewall finger printing and denial of firewalling. We also analyze attacks namely path traversal, DOM XSS, file inclusion, CSRF which are bye passed beyond and we handle those attacks.  Our proposed system provides efficient fingerprinting methods to prevent the attacks. Also, the proposed system provides security against application as well. If the firewall is been compromised, intruder can access the files in the application or server because application is made secure against most common web vulnerabilities. This security on application is achieved to prevent the above attacks. Thus, our proposed system of firewall fingerprinting methods can achieve quite high accuracy against all web vulnerability. Thus, all web applications can be made secure against web attacks.

Keywords: Firewall, Vulnerabilities, Fingerprinting, Secure

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8254

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