Abstract: Now Technology has unfolded in each and every area of our lives. In existing era, everybody is having some kind of connectivity with science whether or not in shape of mobile, laptop computer or others. Here we are going to talk about the use of technological know-how infield of domestic security. In this system, we are the usage of ARDUINOUNO microcontroller board. This device is primarily based on door lock security with the assist of two excessive degree safety passwords and simultaneously the machine would be related with owner’s mobile smartphone via GSM Module So that the proprietor ought toopen the door from far flung area also. When any licensed would attempt to open the door, he would have to enter two passwords when requested to do so. If he enters right passwords then the door will get open. But in case, he enters any of the two or both passwords incorrect then the gadget would get alert and ship a message to the proprietor to ask him whether or not it is he or now not and work accordingly. This device will be defend to Homes, Shops, Banks and establishments etc.

Keywords: Arduino Uno, GSM Module, Solenoid Lock, Home Security, Door Security

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11506

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