Abstract: E-learning is learning through the utilization of technologies. E-Learning is that the inexorable trend of the applying of recent data technology in education. It's one in all the foremost learning ways within the era of knowledge characterised by non-restriction in time and place, it's providing new prospects to teaching establishments to be ready to give versatile and price effective distance learning setting. so as to effectively use varied sorts of style data in development, it's necessary to make data management system. Developing Associate in Nursing E-learning platform will meet the necessity of progressive teaching, that may be a reasonably economical thanks to develop data technology in education and subject teaching. it's primarily the linear organization of the teaching materials and also the related data resources. this method will facilitate the scholars to check severally for his or her exams. It additionally provides the mandatory course materials, question paper, quizzes and plenty of a lot of. this method provides user friendly interface for the users and customized service whereas exploitation the system.

Keywords: E-Learning, online preparation, civil service exam, web development

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11755

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