Abstract – One among the biometric based technology is the Face recognition. When both the input images are given to this technology it will undergo the mathematical calculation and it will predict the result and give the output to the user. The process involves applying Machine Learning (ML) process on the images. The purpose of the idea is to use the methodology for identification of criminals who has found in the previous record. Based on the recent data, that 90% of illegal activities are recurrently steadfast by similar offenders and even we can find out the missing children where the children are going missing in a large number every year using the face recognization technology the identification becomes very easy and faster way. where we can find out the missing children as well as a criminals by means of cameras and the video captures that are mounted in the various location .In  certain areas has been overshadowed by the criminal activities with the negative societal  application including increasing usage of internet as a source of particularly a marketing channel for child exploitation and this problem can be solved by utilizing convolutional neutral network a  machine learning algorithm which  will give the  particular solution to this type of problems . This application as a more efficient approaches matched with other applications like: accuracy is more of atmost 90%. Accessibility where it is accessible to law enforcement authorities or the concern citizens. Scaleability where it can accommodate a large volume of data. Automation application automatically process the images  where manual interventions is not needed .Speed, this  application can quickly match the images as soon as both the input images are given where it saves the time and fast the work.

Keywords – machine learning, feature extraction, haar-casacade classifier, web scrapping.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12648

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