Abstract: In the era most of the engineering students are known the theoretical concepts of electrical and electronic components used in the laboratory but they couldn’t experience or imagine the how each of the component is functioning and the electron current flows in the circuit. In this project, an application is developed to learn and experience the components and overcome the problem which was faced by the student community via augmented reality. Augmented reality provides new development ideas for the visualization of data information, and at the same time provides new development space for the convergence of digital visualization technology and multiple industry. Augmented reality makes the virtual object into the real scene. So the students can able to understand the concept practically through by visualizing the objects. Here we are trying to develop a learning tool for laboratory that uses electrical and electronics components using augmented reality. In this work, initially we are designing the electrical and electronic component through unity and to show the simulation of electrons in the electrical and electronic component through animation. This makes the student to understand the concept theoretically as well as practically. In this project implementing the super imposition augmented reality that makes the virtual object is placed on top the real object in real scene. unity which acts as an toolkit for making the 3D objects and makes the animation on the object. which makes everyone can able to understand the concept practically through virtualizing the virtual electrically and electronic components.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12514

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