Abstract---The term “INTERNET” refers to the vast category of applications and protocols built on top of sophisticated and interconnected computer networks, serving billions of users everywhere in the world in 24/7 fashion.[1] We all realize that electricity energy meters are installed in everyone’s house or offices to count the electricity consumption based on traditional technology. At the end of each month, many folk get worried about the high electricity bill and that we need to check out the energy meter once in a while. But what if we can monitor our electricity use from anywhere in the world just using our smartphones? It sounds crazy but It is possible. So in this project we are designing a smart energy meter where we can monitor our appliances’ load consumption in real-time. Here we are building an IoT-based Project of Energy Meter where we are using an esp8266 wi-fi module to connect our energy meter with the internet. Through this device, it will become easier to control all our devices as per the power they are consuming and have control over money.

Keywords--- Currentsensor, ATMEGA-328p(Arduino), ESP 8266 Wi-Fi Module

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12562

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