Abstract – E - Invoicing methods are exceedingly accessed in todays scenario, where bills/invoices are sent and received electronically through single cloud platform. Blockchain technology being one of the most secured technology to store any kind of data securely on internet, it has been extended to Electronic or Digital Invoices system also. Blockchain has been recognized with such potential for validating online transactions, payments made by customers to businesses and also Invoices issued. We have observed opaqueness in traditional ways of Invoicing system or would be paper based with no audit trail available. Also keeping the exiting tax problems for electronic invoices, we do observe few risks like overstatements, false declarations or also false invoices, etc. In this proposed paper, a method is being implied keeping all the above situations in mind. The method is utilized to check the authenticity of digital invoices using Graphic Digital Image Processing technique. An automatic Artificial Intelligence technology is implied using Pixel Filtering algorithm which is safe and efficient. It can also be helpful to avoid calculation efforts and also suitable for large-scale digital invoices tracing and reimbursement for records.

Keywords: blockchain technology, digital invoices, graphic image processing, artificial intelligence, OCR

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.106126

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