Abstract: “Weather Forecast Application” which is a web based application using Rest API developed to predict the Weather conditions for a particular location by taking user input. As there are very few weather forecasting models and methods for weather prediction and uses different API providers that is where the question of which could be the best Rest API Provider to provide highly accurate results arises. There are few application which are in existence for forecasting Weather conditions which provides the weather data fetching only the user input which is not that accurate in fetching the weather data and visualization of the forecast. This concept of visualization is where few of the application fails to meet the users satisfaction and reach to there understanding and few application are endorsed with many features which makes the user feel complicated in understanding the weather data. This is a web-based application with features which is added for managing and handling errors which is done by the system which makes the system bug free. Option of searching different locations weather condition as per the user’s interest. It takes the users input a fetches the weather data and visualizes it to the user. Henceforth, an application is developed Using OpenWeatherMap Rest API works based on user input and visualizes the weather conditions, temperature, humidity, wind speed, sunrise and sunset, date and time of each day. Weather forecasting application is developed to be a user friendly tool which is simple to use and handy to get information on particular geographical location.

Keywords: Weather Forecast, humidity Weather Conditions, OpenWeatherMap, temperature, wind speed, date and time.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11831

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