Abstract: Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning our project proposes a system named Dictation Module. It is a device that can help society to ace their work and help people in multitasking. As it is rightly said that “If a person cannot perform multiple tasks at the same time, he cannot achieve everything he wants”. Multitasking is the basic asset of every individual in the society. Unlike others, the socially active businessmen or lawyers are forced to be dependent on this aspect. So we have proposed a device that helps to do multiple tasks anywhere you want. Imagine you are driving and you realize you forgot to mail someone something very important, how will you do it in the traditional way is to reach out to the destination and then start typing your mail and send it, which will cost you lots of time as well as some mishap can occur due to this process. But using our module you can dictate the mail to the machine and tell it to send it to the desired person while driving the car simultaneously. We have also included an additional thing to our basic idea that now we are going to store all the files in an online storage i.e. in Telegram using a Telegram Bot so that user can access it from anywhere even if he doesn’t have his local storage with him/her.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, PySimpleGUI ,Voice Recognition, Speech Recognition, Text to Speech , Speech to Text conversion, Yagmail ,Telegram.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.105123

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