Abstract: The voting system take place in every country every cites and every village every country has the robust and the stable way of organizing the election so that the people can give their vote to A appropriate person, as we talk about the modern technology every thing should be according to the modern world as today we Are Been living in a technology world every day new invention we come to see rather than that in the era we have Saw that the election are taking place in the polling station stations every individual person goes on polling station to give the vote and select their leader But it Consumes large number of time people have stand in a Queue for vote and for those who cannot come due to some work than there vote is empty in order to evolve this system can come across the many ideas which consume less time and people can give their vote at the place where they are it is only the digital voting system in this system one can give the vote there vote where there is net connection or by the smartphone application so on this system is build by using the blockchain technology it can also be replaced by the traditional solution as today the foundation of the blockchain has received the at mentation in present day it can be used in the number of fields such as in ATMs bank security so on however the blockchain has been developed by the many techniques some techniques are mathematics algorithm and the many more techniques this provides the description of digital voting system based on the blockchain.

Keywords: Digital voting system, digital voting system based on block chain, proposed system & architecture working of the system

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.115162

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