Abstract:Due to the lack of effective and coordinated disaster management system which consists of the stages like disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery has led to both the increase in the loss of both life and property. Disaster management deals with the issue of planing abstraction coordinative and communication, , The system proposes an effective disaster information system which uses the geofencing technique so as to detect the movement of users. This technique creates a geofence around the user and thus monitors the user’s entry and exit from the fence. For crowd disaster mitigation and real-time alert to avoid an occurrence of a stampede, this android application is an easily deployable context-awareness mobile Android Application Package. This application is very user friendly for user for accseing it properly .The application provides high accuracy when the user is in the fence. Disaster is a sudden event that suddenly occur in community and in a society. It is very important to people knowing the step to take during the disaster. Natural and Man-made disasters are proven to be devastating for both human life and property. The major cause is that neither the people were aware of it nor any effective measures were taken by them. Thus, there arises a need for proper mitigation and preparedness measures. And because of this need, a functional disaster information system is developed which will let people have prior knowledge in the times of disaster. This model aims at delivering risk information to the users directly in order to reduce the damage The system is proposed to be of a client-server. the client server architecture permits to use simultaneously by different user. While safety planning is familiar to schools, disaster planning is relatively new to the education sector. Such contingency planning may be seen as an extension of the risk assessment procedure.

Keywords: Client server architecture, Geo-fence, Client activity, Notification alertness, disaster management.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.81217

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