Abstract—Image processing means taking an image and using computer algorithms to do useful things with it. These algorithms can help us extract important information from the image. When we process images, we treat them as 2D signals and use specific methods to analyze them. OpenCV is a popular computer vision library that many people use. It has a wide range of functions for working with images and vision-related tasks. OpenCV is used in both academic and industry settings. With the increasing availability of affordable cameras and the growing demand for image-related features, OpenCV is used in many applications, including on computers and mobile devices. When we talk about "document scrutinizing and imaging," we mean closely examining a document. We use machine learning to create a model that can process the document. After processing, we convert the document into a PDF format and create an image of it.

The processing of an image includes six main stages:

2)Noise Removal
3)Edge Detection
4)Contour Extraction
5)Projection to screen
6)Saving result as PDF

Keywords: OpenCV, Thresholding, Image Smoothening, Edge Detection, Contouring.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125285

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