Abstract: Vehicular communication system is a system which can guarantee the safer transport by enabling vehicles to communicate with one another, and their surroundings and thereby it can provide driver assistance. The proposed system is capable of measuring the level of fuel in the tank and send enquiry to know the nearest location of fuel station, then wireless communication equipped fuel station automatically gives the information about that location. This system enables immediate payment system in which the vehicle can pay the tolls in arrears by the wireless fund transfer method. This system is also capable of detecting an approaching landslide or occurring one and transmitting pre safe warning. In addition to this, the system enables us to automatically monitor and/or control the actual speed of a vehicle relative to the legal speed limit of the geographic area the vehicle is located in. By implementing this effective and reliable system the road accident can be reduced and road safety will be improved. If this idea comes to the real life it will be more useful for the people as well the government since it take lots of measures to reduce the accidents.

Keywords: level of fuel, immediate payment, pre safe warning, legal speed limit

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8225

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