Abstract: In recently cloud data storage increasing interest from both industry and academia due to its efficient and affordable Management. Service providers take on storage data and sharing mechanism as services are provided over an open network that protects user privacy and data confidentiality. The Encryption method is used for prevent sensitive data from being compromised. However, the actual requirement to just encrypt the data (using AES for example) will not completely solve the data management needs. In addition, to prevent EDOS (Economic Denial of Sustainability) attacks, which are carried out to prevent users from using  the service, robust access control of download requests should be considered. The control access in the cloud storage here we can develop over control mechanism download requests as well as data access without compromising efficiency or security. This article      designs the two dual access control systems, each used for conscious environment. An experimental and safety analysis of system  is also presented.

Keywords: Cloud data sharing, Advantage of cloud capacity, Control, Attribute based encryption.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12348

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