Abstract: This research paper aims to investigate the impact of website quality on online purchase intention for an E-commerce website named Laptop Store. The study examines the factors that influence customers' online purchase intentions and their behaviour towards online shopping. The research also explores the effect of social media on consumers' online shopping behaviour and the moderating role of product type and review valence on purchase intention. The research methodology includes a quantitative approach, with a survey questionnaire distributed among a sample of Indian consumers. The data collected was analysed using structural equation modelling (SEM) and the results indicated that website quality has a significant positive impact on customer satisfaction and behavioural intentions. Furthermore, the study found that social media has a significant impact on consumers' online shopping behaviour. The research contributes to the existing literature by providing insights into the factors that influence online purchase intentions and the effect of social media on consumers' behaviour towards online shopping. The findings of this research can be useful for E-commerce website owners and marketers in enhancing website quality and social media strategies to improve customers' online shopping experiences and increase purchase intentions.

Keywords: E-commerce, Online shopping, Website quality, Purchase intention, Consumer behaviour, Social media, Product type, Review valence, Customer satisfaction

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125122

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