Abstract: With increasing cases of crimes against women it has become the need of this hour for women to protect themselves. According to statistics, there were over 28,000 rape cases reported in India in the year 2020 alone. This project work proposes a solution in helping women find support and defend themselves from any threat using a wearable wristband. Using this device in crisis cases, women can taze the aggressor using a non-lethal taser so that she can distract the aggressor and sneak off to a safer location. The device also enables women to send a message with GPS location along with a captured image of the aggressor to their emergency contacts, which helps track the woman in need of support. It also includes a buzzer that can be used to alert people around them of their situation. The device includes a pulse sensor and temperature sensor which records the current temperature and pulse rate of the individual.

Keywords: electric shock, face recognition, GPS, GSM, IoT based device, women safety device

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11713

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