Abstract: Government has been working on most of the schemes which were introduced but yet many of these are dumped by the authorities who brings up instruction that makes many of the citizens not to be eligible for the scheme, thereby for many ordinary citizens to apply the scheme, track it from time to time and to know whether he is entitled to appraise their opportunities regarding to the scheme rejected by the official, he pretends to need a secured system with transparency in it. The process for utilization of numerous schemes headed by the government regardless to many of the panchayats is compiled to form a software application named Government Scheme Management System. The supervision of the ventures of the schemes guided by the government comes under the Government Schemes Management System while its most superior supervision is to provide a lot of great effort for the proper utilization of contrasting schemes in a transparent habitat. The tracking of actual ventures that comes under process within the panchayats or higher level at any point of time by the administrators helps the system to keep a regular and clear check on the track of status of the user's application. The Management of important piece of information in a highly secured manner for the authenticating the users at numerous levels id guided by the system as well as the novice user also does not feel any operational barriers due to a great GUI introduced by the government in this system. Scheme wise details report, Panchayats wise details report, User wise report are some of the various reports mainly focused on designing by the system which are requested by the users as well as higher authority. When the user applies for a scheme, his details will be stored in the database and sent to the panchayat for verification. Panchayat people conduct a physical verification and send their remarks to the DDO who would write his comments. These details are sent to final approving authority and help him to approve or disapprove the person for the scheme. The same details can be viewed by the user so that the user would get a clear picture of what is happening from time to time.

Keywords: Web Based E-governance

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10411

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