Abstract: This project is a web-based stock system for an existing shop. The project objective is to deliver the online shopping application into Java platform. This project is an attempt to provide the advantages of online shopping to customers of a real shop or Mall. Thus, the customer will get the service of online shopping and home delivery from his favorite shop. This system can be implemented to any shop in the locality or to multinational branded shops having retail outlet chains. If shops are providing an online portal where their customers can enjoy easy shopping from anywhere, the shops won’t be losing any more customers to the trending online shops such as flipcart or ebay. Online E-Mart Shopping System is a website to provide online facility to customer and buy product at from home through online. Our main aim is to provide 24/7 online service for users through online application. Now a days in order to buy product we need to go shops are call by phone and there are very stores which work 24hrs. In order to reduce this gap, we implement an online shopping store through which users can buy products from home by paying amount using credit /debit cards. Overall online product booking store will become an efficient, highly responsive and an extremely accurate system.

Keyword: Online Shopping, Products, Shop (Mall), Portal, Web Application, etc.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11474

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