Abstract: In this paper, a six band microstrip patch antenna design for wireless applications is proposed and simulated. The proposed antenna resonates at (4.084-4.185GHz), (5.857-6.043GHz), (6.218-6.407Hz), (6.784-6.976GHz), (9.553-10.46GHz), and (10.474-11.24GHz) with a minimum return loss of-35.99dB (5.94 GHz). The FR-4 material is used to isolate ground and patch with a 4.3 dielectric constant and 1.6 mm thickness and uses a microstrip transmission line. In this design, the return loss is minimized by adding an extra three rectangular blocks to the patch. CST microwave studio simulation software is used for the design and simulation of this proposed antenna. The design is simple geometry and provides good bandwidth with appreciable gain. The proposed antenna can be used for different applications in the C, X bands of wireless communications.

Keyword:- FR-4, CST, E-shap, square slot, rectangular block.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10506

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