ABSTRACT : An e-study platform that consists of a user login for upload and download purposes. The project is beneficial for students, various learners looking for the platform for study with the ease of availability of the study materials like notes, books, question papers and other things in the form of pdf, docx and pptx formats which will help the learners enhance their knowledge level and better understandings. The E-Study Platform allows the students/users to create their profiles and download all the required materials not including any payment requirements onto the system. The platform also consists of a facility for the user login where various registered users can upload their own notes, books and question papers etc. for the other students, users or learners so that the concept of “Sharing Is Caring” can be made true. The software system allows students, users or learners to view a list of study materials that have been uploaded for others. The admin has overall rights over the system and can moderate and delete any materials not pertaining to the platform’s dignity and rules. The system handles uploaders as well as downloaders to upload and download any data and efficiently displays all the data at the whole database panel.

As we have faced the biggest issues of lacking of study materials due to COVID19 Pandemic. So, this project focuses on the provision of the study materials in such a critical time when all the book shops and stores were closed or in normal time. This platform is highly useful, especially for student and selfstudying learners. This platform is being made considering many problems and can be accessible from anywhere at any time for free of cost.

The main objective of the project on E-Study Platform is to manage the database of study materials of students as well as any learners of any age of various courses, colleges and institutes for the ease of availability of the study materials.

Keywords: E-Study Platform, study materials, online materials reading, online platform, online study, e-study, pandemic time study solution, COVID19 study platform.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.105112

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