Abstract: These days there have been rising cases in road accidents involving e- vehicles, street animals and pedestrians. This is mainly due to the fact that e-vehicles are not able to produce sounds on their own as conventional vehicles do. So we have taken this problem statement and decided to make a module that can replicate the sound and vibrations.The aim is to build a device that can be easily installed on an e-vehicle and has the ability to imitate both the sound and vibration of the conventional vehicle at different speeds. Hence resulting in safer roads. A sound and vibration of the conventional vehicle is sampled at different speeds and the sound will be sampled using a mic kept at a distance from the vehicle. The vibration can be measured using an accelerometer. Sound can be produced using a pair of Stereo speakers and the vibrations can be replicated using a motor. Implement an independent module that can be installed in an electric vehicle that will add the sound and vibration compatibility as that of the conventional vehicle. In order to trace the live path GSM/GPRS module is used.

Keywords: Sound , Vibration , Arduino Uno , GSM Module , GPS Module , SD Card, Speaker , Smartphone, mbedded C , LCD Display.HTML,CSS,PHP.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12480

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